Save form data to file

I think it would be peachy keen to be able to save all of the form data to a file (text) or a separate page. This would make it much easier to gather the customers info when they opt in for that service. Possibly even determine which fields you would like saved. Currently I am having to use a 3rd party form hosting service for this and it can get relatively expensive.

Hello @bobsandifer, that requires the ability for a page running on the server to write to the local filesystem, something that most if not all web hosts disallow by default, over malware concerns.

The right way to do that is saving straight to a database, but Sparkle doesn’t currently have the ability to work with server side databases.

‘currently’? Is that something that lives in the roadmap? Some sort of database something or other would be pretty darn cool. Again a visual type of deal like Air Table? Hah I am making so much work for you Mr. Duncan! just joking around it is so easy to have the idea but to build it…THAT is the real work. Thanks again for such a wonderful tool. You have b blessed the world of web design for real.

Heh well we don’t really have a public roadmap, but yeah adding database support is kind of a logical next step. The idea is removing all the privacy implications of when you tie together a few collection/processing services and folding it all in your site and your server. Makes it also less fragile and hopefully a bit more intuitive to work with.