Save to disc problems?

Hi I’m a newby here and am twisting in the wind trying to upload my files?
I have tried several times to upload a sample webpage to show a client but cannot get it save to disc correctly?
It looks and works fine on my iMac but when saved to disc creates many iterations of each jpg? I am flustered because it look right on my iMac but when I look at the files on my disc there are there are hundreds of images. There are several image galleries with around four different images but there are many the of the same images saved to disc???
It must be something I am doing wrong but it is beyond me how to fix it.
I have saved the files previously apparently because it will not transfer them directly from Sparkle to my hosting site.

Please some advice would be helpful.

@artyeti, There is nothing that you are doing wrong…

If you have, as an example, only placed 1 image on 1 website page but have activated another two devices (in total 3) then Sparkle will create three versions of that 1 image. So the multiples of the same image happens because there is more than 1 device that you have exported to disc.

Your second issue in not being able to publish your site is something best to ask Duncan at feedback@sparkleapp,com

I’m not sure why you are assuming what Sparkle is doing is wrong. There are reasons for the multiple versions (namely optimizing for multiple devices and pixel densities), and you can trust Sparkle to do the right thing.

Q: are you using a separate FTP app? Or have set up Sparkle to upload? There’s a form in it to fill in —and when completed correctly, will give you the upload option.

I tried several times to upload directly from Sparkle and not would not transfer. However I had previously saved the site to disc so I expect the files were inside a folder or something that kept them from overwriting the previous files.
Anyway I used a ftp client and uploaded the same files from inside the folder on my disc and it is working now.
I like Sparkle a lot and expect to improve quickly!
Thanks everyone!

Honestly I cannot see what your problem is because I don’t have this.
You might need to have a Webserver installed to view the website offline in your disc.

Did you buy the pro version?

@MiWe The only time you may need a web server to view a site saved to disk is if you’ve set up all or some of the pages as PHP pages. The normal HTML website can be viewed in a normal web browser.

Thanks guys, as I mentioned whatever the issue was with uploading the files I got it to to work. I could see the files but they were inside a folder on my ftp server. I moved the files out of the folder and they replaced the old files so it is working now. If I had uploaded it directly it would have probably been ok but I saved it to disc and that is likely why I had problems. I do have the pro version and if you did not have this issue of course you would not see what my problem was. It’s OK now so thanks for your advice.
Sparkle and Duncan have been very helpful!
Good Luck & Best Wishes // bob