Scaling Embedded Elements


I saw this addressed in another thread, but my embed element is slightly different.

Is it possible to use this embed code for an e-commerce site and have it scale? As the window size decreases, the embed element size is overly large in relationship to the other content

“< a data-dpd-type=“button” data-text=“PURCHASE NOW” data-variant=“price-right” data-button-size=“dpd-small” data-bg-color=“77a9ef” data-bg-color-hover=“8ec5ff” data-text-color=“ffffff” data-pr-bg-color=“ffffff” data-pr-color=“000000” data-lightbox=“1” href=“Checkout | Signal Culture”>PURCHASE NOW </s cript >”

(spaces put here so that it shows up rather than putting a button on the forum form)

Thank you!

Have you tried placiing it in a div tag and giving a width of the div tag 100%?

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I’ve tried different strategies, noting worked in terms of div tags unless I placed something in the wrong spot. My guess is that I could find another responsive code snippet somewhere that opens the same web cart, but I can’t seem to find one

I’ve taken a quick look again @jberna
Although you can stretch the “container” to 100%, the ecommerce embed is constantly taking to its parent where it controls the CSS. So the body can’t be overritten in what I can make out.

It looks like it is maxed out for tablet which of course looks small on a desktop.
Maybe put it in a Popup so it looks like it is contained and therefor not looking like it should stretch further out?

that was a great suggestion, thanks!