Screen recording

We are making a school website with videos and they don’t want people to record their classes. The classes are videos on a page. Is there any way we can disable screen recording on the website to prevent the recording of them?

Oh @dpamping this is a very interesting question!

The video side of things ins’t my strong point but from what I know there are so many apps (including Apple’s Quicktime) out there that can easily screen-record an online video that I’m not sure if there is a solution for this? But others with a more proficient skillset might chime in…

Also videos are fairly easily lifted off a website, but I know the third party Vimeo does a really good job making videos private. I wonder if it would be a better idea to have a seperate section for the videos that will use a login to access them?.. so you would have a website within a website.

It is impossible, because they can always use a phone to record the video.

I’ve seen there is some DRM way on Wordpress but I don’t know how to implement it here.

I know you can still phone record, but the thing here is to make it as difficult as possible.

@FlamingFig is right. The easiest way is to section off the videos under a password protected area of the site. Not perfect as passwords can be handed out but to the casual user at least it hides them. There is no perfect solution to your problem. Good luck.

It’s not impossible, but pretty complex. Essentially it’s the same solution as used for HDCP (HD content protection), digital rights management applied to hollywood media.

But to do that the video stream needs to be encrypted in ways that I don’t quite understand. Once you have that encrypted video stream, macOS will render the video “directly to the screen” as opposed to going through the window server, becoming not screenshottable or recordable.

However I don’t think that getting a key for HDCP protection is someone regular human beings can do.

What’s the DRM wordpress thing you mention?

It’s not DRM but disables some things that are interesting (at least it says it does).

The other DRM plugins have their own CDN so that’s something very different.