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I’m designing a site based on a scroll page that is a bit long. I would like to have a return button on the lower left of the screen that could be used to return to the page top. Is there a way to define such a button that doesn’t scroll with the page in Sparkle? How to do it?


@mariovn, Yep you can! Place a button at the bottom of your page. Then place a “Scroll Location” at the very top of the canvas and then call it something like “top”. Go back to your button click on it and then select on the right-hand panel “on Click”/ “Go to page on this website”. Make sure the second dropdown that appears below it is what your page is called, and then drop open the 3rd dropdown and you’ll see your “top”. Select that and now you have your button doing a scroll back to the top of your page.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @greenskin That I know, but the return button is placed at a specific point in the page and it scrolls together with the page contents. What I’m looking for is a way that the button stays static in the screen (lower right corner) and doesn’t scroll with the page contents. It should always be visible to the user and allow fast return to the top no matter where in the page he is… Perhaps this is not possible with Sparkle right now but I’m just trying to understand if it is feasible or not. Thanks again!

@mariovn, Whoops sorry! Yes you can do what you would like to do.
Place your button in a “box” container, group the button and “box” container and then you’ll see the right-hand panel change. If you click “Fix to browser bottom” and you’ll have your constant visible button. And what you can do is animate it and have it appear (it would be invisible at first) a few scrolls down the page. Give it a try and see how you go…

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@greenskin, thanks! Great help! It works exactly as I intended! :wink:

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