Scroll with animation

Maybe there could be a template that would suggest to the unwary just how much fiddling with the spacing will be required?


Hi @jol, the first 6 templates in Sparkle’s template picker, meaning the 6 most recent ones, all have animate while scrolling on one element or the other. You can try them out and start fiddling with the current settings for each.

Do any of the templates have “animate while scrolling” and any other effect ?
Such as animate while scrolling AND scale .

Thanks Duncan,


Hi Jol,

why not try for yourself? Helped for me to learn more about the possibilities of Sparkle.
Just a sugestion not meant aggressive in any way.


Yes they have several combinations of effects.

Hi MiWe,
I did not detect any aggression nor snarkiness. 8^)
I made my own scrolling w/ scale
The large amount of fiddling was a surprise!
I won’t repeat that, soon.


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I have experienced in my past that more advanced animations are always fiddling doesn’t matter with what software.

This screen grab may show gaps in the resulting file from the animation WITH scale experiment. Makes it hard to get a smooth result. See in


@jol, you’ll need to play some more…

I wouldn’t have an image covering all your text to start with. It looks like something has gone wrong and will most likely discourage a User going any further. Either reduce the growth % so the image isn’t covering the text or give it more spacing so the image isn’t covering the text.