Searching for Links in Sparkle Site

It looks like I cannot search for links in my Sparkle site.

The online store portion of my site is done separately using Magento. All store pages are at We are migrating to Shopify tonight; Shopify requires a subdomain. I need to change links to instead.

Is there an option that I missed?

I’m afraid that’s not a feature in Sparkle currently.

Ok, thank you Duncan.


Have you considered using a plain text editor (i.e. CudaText)
and do an use search and replace for it?


I took a peek at the Sparkle file using BBEdit. It’s no longer an editable XML file.

Hi @habboud

Sorry for not being more specific: i was referring to do a search and replace of the exported site.
(it’s a workaround)

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Ah, thank you @wolferine.