Section or not section, that's the question

Hi all,
Something that I don’t understand :
I have multiple sections (article #) with many pages in each, but the option « Show on all pages of this section » stay disable when a item or group is selected . What am I forgetting ?


In fact, it seems like timeline matters :

  • Creating first the section and then the pages inside > OK : option is enable and work
  • Creating pages but the sections in second time. Drag and drop pages into new sections > Bad : option stay disable. Save, quit, restart and reload : no change.

Maybe a little bug ?

I think the issue you might be seeing is not about the section feature, but the page sidebar not conveying hierarchy properly, or in other words the page is not actually inside the section even though you think you dragged it there. Collapsing the section would show which pages are in it or not.

Bingo ! :ghost:

Ok, I just understood that you have to drag the pages ON the line of section name and NOT JUST BELOW… yet it’s the norm…

Just two remarks :
Too bad there is not an arrow in front of the section name to indicate that there are items inside (like layers hierarchy) .
So, in french version “masquer/afficher” is not précise and intuitive translation for “expand/collapse” Better is “développer/réduire”. “masquer” means “hide”

Thanks for your decisive contribution :ok_hand:

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We inherit the behavior for that from a system component. Definitely something we need to work on.