Sending "Text Input" fields from multiple webpages

Hello Everyone,
Maybe someone can help me. I would like to create a questionary over 2 or 3 webpages. For this I wanna ask on the first webpage 3 or 4 questions each followed by a “Text Input” field for the visitors answers. A “Next” button open the next webpage with additional 3 to 4 questions with corresponding “Text Input” fields for the answers. And maybe a thirds webpage with further questions and “Text Input” fields. The last webpage have the “Send” button that should send all answers from all webpages with a single email. Any idea if this is possible with Sparkle?
So far I’ve only managed to send the “Text Input” fields from the last page, that has the “Send” button on it.
Thanks, Frank


I don’t think Sparkle can collect and send data across multiple pages.

What you could do is create a very long page with scroll locations where you simulate a new page.

This is not exactly what you want, but all relevant fields are on one page and can be sent as a form.

Mr. F.


I think that is a great solution @Mr_Fozzie :clap:

Yes, that might be the only way to do it.
But certainly it would be not too much effort to integrate such of this function. At least it would be nice if a “Text Input” field was possible in a popup window on the same page. Then the visitor could enter optional additional information via a button, like a different delivery address on an order form or so. We will see what kind of new functions will have the next versions.
Thanks, Frank

@Franky, if I’m reading you right then placing a form into a popup is very possible.
You can have more then one contact from on your site working independently of one another, and the same goes for popups…

That’s correct. But I would like to received the data from the main-form and from the popup-form together in a single email.

An example for an order form: In most cases the billing address (company headquarters) and the delivery address is the same. But sometimes the shipment should be sent to a different address. Of course, the form can contain a “different delivery address” field. But this would be very rarely used. It would be more elegant to offer a button for a pop-up window where the customer can optionally enter the desired delivery address. And of course, I would like to receive the data from the popup-form and the main-form together with a single email.

Oh ok, I got it. Thanks for further clarifying! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you could look into hooking up a shopping cart (like Ecwid or Gumroad) allowing you to have those possibilities?..

A good idea. I’ll have a look there…


Maybe use Google forms?


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If you’re making a checkout form, then you should definitely look at ecomm providers like Hendrik said, such as Ecwid, Gumroad, Shopify and so on. Besides data security, they lessen a lot of the struggle you would have.

Now if you’re looking for a specific type of form, you can take a loot at Jotform or Typeform, both which are capable of embbed forms and are totally compatible with Sparkle.

Sparkle’s email form, at this moment, its for really simple contact solutions and not for complex attributions such as the one you’ve mentioned.

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I have done multi-page forms like you say; the trick is that you need to chain together PHP pages, so each page processes the last input and injects it into a hidden field in the new page so that the data travels. You have to do this multiple times in a row.

However one caveat, I found the tech debt involved in maintaining this chaining sequence to be too high so I eventually just changed everything to an embedded Typeform.