SEO assistant issues

I know that this might be discussed before, but it is making me go crazy.

I have done everything that SEO assistant in sparkle saying and now I am ending with two errors repeated many times: “Use only one text style text” and “use all keywords in …”

why it is making me crazy:

1- in “Use only one text style text” it suggested to “A single text paragraph should use the Title style or a style with an ‘h1’ HTML Tag setting” and my text is already h1 tagged!!

2- in “use all keywords in …” for example it says use all keywords in image and it refer to LinkedIn icon image which is repeated all over the pages and it can not have all keywords in image description !!

and it says use all keywords in page title to title text, in page title we connot put all keywords!!

I have attached a screenshot of the errors.

So anyone can help me with this and how to fix that errors

Thank you in advance

Hello @Theilluminance,

  1. the “Use only one text style text” message means that you might have multiple text blocks that are h1, and that should be avoided
  2. this means you should use the keywords in an image, and the image that the SEO assistant picks is a suggestion, it does look like it picked the wrong image in your case and we’ll fix that, you can still pick a different one that represents the keywords and add the keywords there
  3. if you can’t put all keywords, this might be an indication that you might have used a mix of words instead of something more similar to a search engine query

This has been discussed a few times, but here’s a refresh:

  • there is no way to tell a search engine what keywords a page is about, not since the times of Altavista anyway, search engines make their own mind up what your page is about
  • there is a lot of research on what search engines look for in pages to figure out what a page is about, and ultimately what search query has a chance of surfacing your page
  • Sparkle’s SEO target features use the knowledge from that research to help you make a page match a search engine query
  • what you do is you enter the desired match search engine query (“keyphrase” in search engine terminology) and after that the SEO assistant will tell you what to change in a page

Now if you have many unrelated words, what you think of as keywords, that clearly won’t make sense.

You need to think of what search query you want the page to match, use that search query in the SEO target, run the SEO assistant and make changes to the page accordingly.

If you have multiple search queries, that means you need multiple pages, each matching a distinct query.

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Thank you @duncan for the assistance, I have made the required changes, but one concern:

For a e commerce website, what we can do to make the products names as keywords without the SEO assistant keep telling me the same warning: “use all keywords in …”

If you want search engines to rank your page to rank for the product name, the product name has to be in those places…

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