SEO Company that Sparkles?

Does anyone have any SEO Experts that can work with a Sparkle Web Site that they might recommend?

Not really.
Sparkle does already a great job pointing out where gaps and issues are.
By solving these, there is not much point to get a SEO expert looking over your design.
Sure the content can be tweaked, but i go back to a SEO content writer and let rewrite my content and let them integrate keywords.


Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

There is a lot that goes into SEO(ing) a website, but like @MiWe said Sparkle has all the features you need to create good on page SEO.

If you follow the screenshot from my checklist (the underscored words), doing the below steps in Sparkle will have you definitely get great ranking from the intended market you are aiming for…

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