Setting text styles, colour doesn't stick

I am completely new to Sparkle, though I’m very familiar with the concept of text styles and the variations of implementation in different apps and document types, including word processors, page layout apps, HTML and others.

I am trying Sparkle for creating a new website. I’m using the 14 days evaluation trial before committing myself, and I’ve hit the first hurdle, setting styles.

I create an ‘H1’ style, with font, size, justification, line-height and colour (red), and set the ‘h1’ tag and all seems well. I then modify the ‘Body’ style, setting everything as required, different size, different colour (very dark forest green) with its ‘p’ tag and apply it.

The ‘H1’ headings immediately take on the colour assigned to ‘Body’; I go back and reset the ‘H1’ to the red colour, the ‘Body’ text has now taken on the red of the ‘H1’. All the other parameters stick after they have been applied, it is only the colour which doesn’t stick. Looking at the dropdown, all the styles except ‘subtitle’ and ‘Gallery Label’ have the colour I have last assigned to whichever.

So, is this a limitation of the free 14-day evaluation? If it isn’t, that’s a real dealbreaker for me.


No, it’s not a limitation at all. I think its all about not fully understanding how things are working in Sparkle.

You will notice that Sparkle has some pre made styles at the top of the styles panel. If you create some text on the page, add one of these pre-made styles - for example the ‘Title’ Style. Now make some changes to your text, font, size, colour tag etc. When it’s looking how you want it, click on the ‘Apply Changes’ Button in the style panel - it looks like this.


Whenever you apply that style again to another object, it will apply all the changes you added to the style.

The issue you may be facing is that you are creating a custom colour in the swatch panel that is changing one of the standard (top row) of colours. Changing any of those colours in the top row will change the colour of every object on the page using that colour.

In order to prevent this from happening, you can set up your colour palette before doing anything on the page. This way, all the colours you want will be available as a swatch colour. So, you could, for example, select Red for your heading and maybe green for your paragraph text. What you maybe doing is selecting text that already has a palette colour applied, and when you apply that colour to another element and then changed its colour, you’re probably changing the palette colour, so everything else using that colour changes. Just make sure all the colours you want to use in your website are included in that first row of pallet colours, then only use the palette to apply colour changes. If you need to apply a one-off colour to an object, be sure to select the Current colour well before changing the colour. This will change the colour of the object without overriding one of your standard palette colours.

Screenshot 38

Hi there.

Please be more precise in your description what you did. H1 is not e text style, it is more a HTML Tag indicating that this text is the title.

Or did you really create a new text style - in the dropdown - with the name H1?

Mr. F.

Thank you. Clearly, this is another wrinkle in the way styles are implemented in software. I’ll experiment further.


Thank you. No I do understand the difference between an H1 label in Sparkle, or any other software, and the ‘h1’ tag in the resulting html. I think the previous reply will help me sort things out.