Setting up pages and showing them in the menu

I’m new to Sparkle Pro and here are my questions —

  1. After creating a ‘home’ page (and when I’m setting up my website), how do I create each page and which do I choose (“Add Page,” “New Section,” etc.) to make each page?

  2. Then, how do I make each of those pages show up in my final website menu (in a hierarchy) —
    a. as a lead page (or main topic page),
    b. as subpages (or pages under each lead page)?

Hello and welcome to Sparkle World.

Your questions cannot be answered in one sentence.

Step 1:
Watch Duncan’s YouTube videos.
Menus with Sparkle
Responsive pages

Step 2:
It depends mainly on what you want to do in the first place. If you only want to make - let’s say - 5 pages, then click “Add Page”.

A section is a set of related pages that fit together thematically. You want to sell furniture. For example, make a section for each room: living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and so on. And then create the pages in each section: [living room] sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, boards, and so on.

But there are no fixed rules for all that. Whatever you like is allowed.

Have fun with sparkle.
Mr. F.

What I have described were my first steps with Sparkle.

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After I have created my major sections and the pages within each section, how do I make them into my final website menu …so they show up as major sections with their pages within each section?

Some helpful examples are << in the documentation >>

Mr. F.