Share YOUR gallery slideshows

I am trying to get a better idea of what can be done with image galleries, how they can look and be formatted. I imagine there are a lot of artists and photographers here who have made nice slide shows. If you have a cool photo gallery on your site, would you be willing to put the direct link here so that we can all have a look? Maybe note if there is anything you would do differently.
Thanks - I look forward to seeing your work in a Sparkle gallery.

You can see a simple grid gallery HERE. It uses the popup feature of Sparkle to create a revolving gallery of images that are displayed in a lightbox.

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A simple Image Gallery - Greenfoto Boss - shooting green and sustainable images for the ethical conscious

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Here is a full screen Image Gallery with transition. The Image Gallery is set to manually click through the images - Financials Co. : wealth creation and insuarance, Launceston TAS

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Scroll down to see the galleries:

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Very nice - I like the white arrows. Thanks for the explainer in the gallery, I really was not expecting that. C

Thanks FF - it looks like the Greenfoto Boss site is a Sparkle template (lots of Loren ipson). I do like how the grid works. That is one of the things I have wanted to see. Thanks, C

Thanks Saber, nice to see all the pretty people. I noticed that each photo enlarges from the grid, but there are no arrows to move to the next. I guess this makes it easier to add or subtract images from the gallery so that it is always up to date with the best pics. C

In many respects, the gallery style is almost the same as the one posted by @saber1 - its a style I really like. The only difference between using the standard lightbox function, and using popups is the fact that popups allow you the flexibility of adding extra stuff to the popup, such as captions, credits, a complete story about the image, and those arrows that are set as links to open the other popups. The only thing to remember with this type of arrangement is to ensure that all popups have the same Group ID. This prevents multiple popups triggering - instead, one closes when the next is triggered.


That’s the point “francbrowne” mentioned.
Did you see the two pictures with the cake in the “Baby” section?
They have a slider integrated (before / after). :wink:

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Yes your right @CalicoSilver… a templated, but I’m glad you got something from it! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I did notice that slider, and fooled with it several times. My photos will be of sculpture, which have been photographed from several angles. The slider kind of lets the viewer spin the sculpture around. I wonder if it will accomodate 3 or 4 images? If not, the arrows in the slide show does about the same thing. Thanks C

I have finally finished adding a couple of galleries to my art portfolio web site. I ended up going with the popup window in modal, and then adding image galleries to those. On the individual sculptures the gallery is three images, which allows the viewer to rotate the artwork - simple but cool. For the drawings there is a popup for each drawing, and I found I could edit the order of the images, so whatever image they click it will be the first in the gallery (the way it should be). The galleries are for the Elemental Forces show, right from the home page.

Have a look at

Thanks for your suggestions, I appreciate it.