Sharing Sparkle in Dropbox FTP Issues

Hi, I’m sharing a Sparkle Document with a client via Dropbox Shared Folders.

The client has a single use version of Sparkle, I have a pro version of Sparkle.

The intention is that the client makes the small day to day edits, I make the big edits, like new pages, navigation, page designs etc.

I have been doing all of the edits with no issues up until now.

Since both having access to the shared document, the ftp login details do not work.

Same error for both of us; ‘The user name and / or password are incorrect’.

However the user name and password are 100% correct.

I am not storing Keychain credentials in iCloud, nor is the client. And I’m not sure it Keychain via iCloud apply in this case anyhow.

Any suggestions?

Problem solved: It was an expired SSL certificate.

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@Chris, That was going to be my first suggestion! Glad you got it resolved! :slight_smile: