Shopping cart question - any way to set up a quantity on hand?

When I upgraded, I never figured that I would use the shopping cart. But after leaving my job and trying to set up a new business, I’m about to research the different shopping cart options in Sparkle.

So far, I looked at the one-page summary, and I didn’t see an answer to this question yet.
Do any of the shopping cart methods let me set a quantity of how many spaces I have to sell and limit the purchases to that number? So if I had 50 seats in a movie theater, I could set a starting amount at 50, and Sparkle would allow up to 50 seats to be sold. And maybe even show a Sold Out label on the button after all 50 are sold.

Does that make sense?
Do any of these carts have that option?


@chuckbo, Sparkle doesn’t have anything to do with the shopping cart but allows for you to conveniently integrate it into your Sparkle project.

The answers you are looking for is on the third-party shopping cart end.
For example Ecwid can count down you sales (if you have set it), warn that the sale item is getting low, and display a “sold out” if the last sale has bee completed.

This is the case with just about all third-party shopping carts.

Thanks for the reply!
I’ve been playing this afternoon with Snipcart. So far, I’ve been able to connect the Buy button to it, but I’m still looking for a way on their site to set the initial inventory levels.