Short 3-8 Minute Video Tutorials

Absolutely love Sparkle and the latest 4.0 release.

The written documentation is good and succinct, but could benefit from a series of related short video tutorials (3-8 minutes in length) to explain each feature and typical design / publishing task. Host them both on the domain and on your YouTube channel.

I sure would appreciate such a collection of tutorial videos, and I would think that they would further help make the sale with prospective buyers.

For a great model, take a look at the video tutorials for Serif’s Affinity Photo: Affinity Photo for desktop tutorials

Thanks for your consideration.


Couldn’t agree more. The longer workshops for the older versions were helpful but I think short and sweet focusing on a particular task would be more beneficial. I am more a visual person so once I’ve seen it I generally can get the gist and replicate. Reading it I still can of course but it’s the longer, less succinct route.

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Agreed. We just haven’t had the time to focus on that. We’ll try to get around to it.