Show Label problems with photos?

On my photo pages the " show label" can be checked but the text box does not come up on some of my photos , also by putting a title on the photo , is this the same as an alt tag , or do I really have to put a title on the photo ??
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Hi @Joephoto, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Unless a bug has crept in the Show Label will appear on your image. If you image is light it might be difficult to see because the Show Label text usually appears in white (for me anyway)… but it is there.

And yes, the Show Label behaves as an alt tag in the generated html.


I quote myself from an older post.

ALT attributes are part of the HTML standard that can be used to specify alternative text for images embedded in web pages. ALT attributes play an important role especially when optimizing for accessible web pages, because screen readers read the ALT attributes instead of the images.

For search engines, the Alt attribute is important for assigning the content of the image. Search engine robots cannot capture and index an image. They need meaningful text that the crawler can find and utilize. The correct labeling of images is part of a professional OnPage work. If you irritate your users by missing alt tags in a problematic case, you have to expect that they will leave the page. Often, the alt attribute is also used to rank well in Google’s image search.

The title tag of an image is the title that is displayed when the mouse pointer stops over the image. Similar to the Alt tag, the title tag is important for search engine optimization, so that Google can better capture the content of the page and the image and index it more accurately.

Mr. F.

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Yes all very correct @Mr_Fozzie and very important not only for better SEO but for the blind, or partially blind, using screen-readers to navigate a website page.

That’s why I would really really really love to see title and description for active text links and buttons ! :slight_smile: