"Show on all pages in this section" dimmed out

I have a website that uses layers and also two sections, one for English and one for Spanish. I have a header with menu bar for each language and I want to them appear only in their respective sections. I would like to select “Show on all pages in this section” but it appears grayed out and unavailable. Any thing I’m doing wrong? My only solution seems to use “Show on this page only” and then copy the Header onto each page individually, which seems tedious especially if I plan on updating the the menu bar occasionally. Thanks in advance for any guidance.

First make sure that the affected pages are actually in the section. You cannot see this on the page and it is not written anywhere.

Navigate to the left-hand side where all pages are listed. The name of the section is also listed somewhere there. If you move the mouse pointer over it, a cross in a circle should appear, as well as an arrow symbol. Click on the arrow.

Is the section now “pulled together” and the pages it contains (listed underneath the name of the section) are no longer displayed? If so, then the pages are inside the section. If not, you must move them there carefully.

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Thanks! That was very helpful. I think the UX might be need to be refined on this. It wasn’t clear you had to drag the pages on top of the Section header so that they might be included in the section. Or maybe I’m just dense (a strong contender). At any rate, thanks. That solved my problem!

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Just ran into this exact same situation myself. +1 to refining the UI a little to make this clearer-- the slight left / right positioning wasn’t enough for me to notice that pages weren’t in a section.

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