"Show on all Pages" - it does not work

I’ll go crazy :grimacing: . Today I redesigned the entry page. The header area and the footer area have been set to “Arrange/Show on all Pages” (Wide Boxes and all Elements). After the start page was finished, I wanted to create a new page with the + Symbol. This new page also appears in the menu, but neither the header or the footer area is adopted. The new page is completely empty. What am I doing wrong again? I have Sparkle 5.02



I have not arrived at V5 yet. So I can not exclude a bug.

As far as I know, header and footer must be one group each. Or a layout block i guess. Did you do that?

Mr. F.

I think it’s a bug in 5.0.2

When I create a group and add a page using the + icon, Sparkle crashes. With the layout block, the new page remains empty.

OK. Not good.

I would report this at feedback@sparkleapp.com with as many details as possible, so that the developers can reproduce the misbehavior.

Mr. F.

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I love Sparkle, but I regret upgrading to version 5. The program keeps crashing and the problem above annoys me a lot. Sparkle keeps crashing even when copying the entry page.

I experience the same. Groups and/or layout blocks are not shown on new pages.

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Yes, using the latest Sparkle 5 I can concur.

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And i’m happy i did not - for some reason.
I hope the bug fixes come in shortly.

Mr. F.

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Sorry a last minute regression in 5.0.2, we’re issuing 5.0.3 soon.


We have a big and serious bug: the “show in all pages” function simply doesn’t work in version 5.0.2. I create the element on a page, I mark it to appear on all pages and… nothing.

Version 5.0.3 will fix the problem

That’s a bug in 5.0.2. Update to 5.0.3, then you’re good again. I had to draw in a new blank page to make it start to work.