Uniform Menu Across all Pages - Visibility Issue

Sparkle 5 - Personal Edition

I have created a very simple site from blank to promote my daughter to college coaches. I biased the design to be viewed primarily on mobile devices. I would like a persistent navigation menu at the top, that is uniform across all 5 pages. Two of the pages are in a Section called videos. I have set menu visibility to “show on all pages”, but it only shows on the home page. I have deleted the Layout Block and Menu several times, and in the delete confirmation, it asks me if I want to delete on all pages. What don’t I see the menu and layout block on any page but the home page?

See here:

Thank you for the reply. I see I’m not alone. I am a new user as of yesterday, and of course I stumble onto a know issue in the first few hours of use. 5.0.3 should resolve i guess? I just purchased yesterday, do updates occur automatically, or do I need to download and reinstall? Thanks again for the prompt reply

You will get a notification window when there is an update. You should currently be on version 5.0.2. Sparkle 5 was released just a week ago. Unfortunately, it still has some bugs that will surely be fully fixed in the coming days and weeks. The team here is very arranged.

Hi carrelc65.

Your screen shot leads me to believe that you just selected the menu and made it a layout block.

In older versions of Sparkle it had to be a group for this to work. Now I would try adding a wide box as a background and make a layout block out of both. Maybe that will work.

Mr. F. (still with V4.5.X)