Showing distances between objects

When having to rearrange two objects (textboxes, images etc.) relative to one another, I would love if Sparkle showed a gripper with which to change their distance easily (and highlights the distance in pixels), like Sketch is able to do (see screenshot).

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-02 um 15.39.03

I have spent hours to measure and recalibrate objects in the lower section of a canvas manually (via “arrange”) following relatively small changes in the upper section (due to adding or deleting some words). Or have I missed or misinterpreted an existing feature?


Incidentally you probably know but Sparkle has a plug in for sketch, very handy.
There had been a request for a ruler sometime ago, before Sparkle 3.

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I agree we should add more options to measure and edit element positions.


Ohhh, would also love to see a drag handle that will allow me to move groups of elements on mass down the page, especially on the mobile canvas! :slight_smile:


Otra opción para otro control.
A mi me resulta muy útil y lo echo en falta de sparkle, redimensionar un conjunto. O sea, seleccionar x elementos, y redimensionar proporcionalmente todos los elementos del conjunto juntos.
Gracias, y saludos.

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Esa opción sería genial … yo que vengo del diseño con Indesign, eso sería un sueño.

That option would be great … I come from designing with Indesign and it would be a dream.

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Yo soy de Indesign, y lo hago en automático en Sparkle… Seleccionar todo, tirar del control de esquina, pulsar mayúsculas y… solo se me estira uno de los elementos!!! :upside_down_face: