Site layout not the same when published or after restarting sparkle

I have issues with the mobile view of the website I try to redesign in Sparkle.

This is how it looks like in Sparkle:

This is how it looks like after restarting sparkle:

Which is more of what it looks like when published or in preview:

That makes designing for mobile view a bit tricky.

It’s similar on the “PC Layout”:
In Sparkle:

After restarting sparkle:

And finally when published:

The published site is here. Download Project file.

@pumpkin, I’m just going to focus on your font issue on your mobile layout…
It looks like you have an element (not visible) but visible when I highlight your font on the mobile layout, and it is pushing your heading front across which has it break into a second line.

Hm, odd. Nothing visible for me there:

The image to the left is a png, has a transparent background. It indeed extends to the right more than it should. The text boxes are set to wrap around the image, which works on the paragraph. Obviously the headers don’t.

No hidden element there. Neither on mobile…

… nor on normal PC width:

Bug? Or mistake on my side?

@pumpkin, Do you also have a margin text wrap on the title text? The other thing is the title and the sub-title text on the same plane, aka “Placement”? Is there an element on the other breakpoints that you have hidden on mobile? There is definitely something there (in shows in the CSS on your 768 breakpoint)…

In the end you might be right that it could be a glitch so I’m thinking Duncan would be the best man for the job!

Just double checked in sparkle. No hidden elements at any breakpoint. I’m using only two of them anywy (PC and Mobile). You can download the project file to check for yourself.

Neither text nor headers are set to wrap. Only the png image has wrap text enabled. Enabling headers or text as well doesnt change anything.

@Duncan Help :slight_smile:

Hard to say. Please send the project file over to

According to Duncan it looks like a layout bug. So there’s hope :slight_smile: