Site published but not updates

I have a simple website that is driving me nuts. Updates were not publishing, so I cleared the site from my server and started over again. I then republished the site. There are parts of the site that do not work as designed (menu for one, other elements missing). In Preview everything works (with all devices selected). When I republished I included text (“This is a test”) at the bottom of the homepage to show that it was a fresh new upload. I then deleted that text and published an update. The text is still there. I have cleared cache and I have disabled cache on the server. Again, in Preview everything works, including the menu. Any ideas? Site:

You seemed to have done all the correct things to figure it out…

I wonder if it is more of a Device thing?
Do you have a Custom Layout mobile Device? And if so is your hamburger icon navigation showing on it in Preview? I feel it is more what you have done in Sparkle then what you are Publishing to the server.

Problem solved. I just discovered that my server had a second Cache setting for clearing the cache. Once I did that everything fell into place. I have never encountered that before, so it was kind of frustrating because I was confident with Sparkle and what I was doing, and it seemed like it had to be the server. This was my first experience with this server and it is set up different than the other server where I have my two other sites.

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Great news and well done! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the follow up. Unfortunately there’s not much that can be done to work around aggressive server caches…