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Hello one and all!
I’ve been using Sparkle for a couple of months and really love it! So I decided to build a site for members, some searching on here led me to Vibralogic and their Sitelok product. It’s very good and quite easy to use (must be for a dummy like me!), just one small gripe, is there a way to use the embed to insert the php snippet at the top of the page? Currently haven’t been able to get it to work like I need so I have to re-insert the code after every site publish via ftp! TIA.

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Why don’t you use the inbuild password feature?

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I started to look at that and then got sucked into thinking I needed something more… will revisit it again, thanks for the suggestion!

Ok. Please let us know what you want to achieve. Maybe we can help.

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Hello and welcome ! :blush:

Sparkle’s password protection system is great, but it’s still a bit limited, that’s true. Its biggest flaw is the inability for visitors to register themselves. If you want to use Sitelok, you’ll need to place code in the tag of your site. And to do that, you’ll need to purchase the development tools (Settings > Developer). This will unlock the ability to add code at the top of all pages of the site or in certain pages only (see image).

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Have been looking at it tonight, what I need is mostly there! Aim is to have multiple usergroups with varying access levels, some free some paid for.
I can handle registration manually.
What’s the best way to handle logout?

…another thing, is there a way for users to change their password?

Very simple. Place a button and set the action to “Logout”. You can set the “Auto Logout” time as well.

You can set selected content of a page to visible or invisible for members of different groups.
I think you can not hide whole pages.
That would be a nice option for the future.

No, you have to change a password and e-mail it to the member.

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OK, been setting up using Sparkle password protect, to be fair it works without making a fuss!
Is there a way to put either a message on a page that someone tries to access without permission, or perhaps an auto re-direct?


Good to hear that the password protection works for you.

Yes. Here’s how i did that: I made the from sparkle generated login page the error oopsie page with my own text “Something went wrong”. There i have:

  • a login option “Try again”
  • a form where you can choose between “forgot password” and “ask for access”

For the main login i use a popup.

You can make your own form, text and pictures.

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Great, thanks, on it now!