Size of the magnifying glass icons in the "Show in Lightbox" action


As it looks, the size of the magnifier changes with the size of the image to which the “Show in Lightbox” effect is applied.

I find this irritating and not homogeneous on a web page. I would like it better if these zoom element icons had a fixed size, regardless of the image size.

Please add to the wishlist. Thank you.

Mr. F.


Sorry, but I don’t agree with you on this one. The only (perfect) solution would be the possibility to chose the icon size individually. For me the icons are generally too large, making the picture look ugly. The icon should only indicate that the viewer CAN but doesn’t have to enlarge it - so still can just enjoy the small picture.
So having the possibility to choose the icon size would be my wish, which I expressed already in a different thread.
Just made a quick example to show how a big icon can destroy a picture

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Yes, that’s basically what I meant. The built-in icon (e.g. the magnifying glass) is too big. So we are in agreement.

Since I don’t expect this to be changed anytime, I’m now leaving this out and placing my own icon on the image. I can make this as big or small as I want.

Mr. F.

Yes, I have asked to be able to change the size of the icons, as I agree they look too large. But we still await this feature.

The problem with putting your own icon on the image is that it will also appear on the large version (when the small image is clicked). Is that what you do and want? Or did I miss something?
To answer my own question (probably): Do you put a transparent picture with the icon on top of your small image? Yeah, that should work, but is just an annoying additional step.


The only problem is that this overlaid image is not clickable to enlarge the actual image. But a smart user will notice that the cursor becomes hand on the image and then click.

Not perfect, but still better than putting a big magnifying glass on it.

Mr. F.

Yes, tried it and it’s a solution (looking good). And as the icon should be small and in one corner, the “non-clickability” shouldn’t be a problem.
Where do you store things like that (e.g. images that you use on several pages) that you can easily find them, even in several different projects?

On my local HD i have a folder for the sparkle projects and a subfolder “image pool” where all these “general” images go to. A subfolder with hamburger menu icons as well. And a couple of product related image folders of course.

A clean structure helps.

Mr. F.

Thanks. Yeah, a clean structure … (sigh). I have to reorganise things. Luckily there is a weekend coming soon :sunglasses: