Slideshow help!

Howdy…I have imported my exsisting website over…all went very well…but there is a slideshow that didn’t come come as a slideshow? How do I incorporate all the slide images and make it turn back into a slideshow?

Many thanks if this is a repear question…but Im still fumbling around trying to make all my sites work.

Just add an Image Gallery object to the canvas. With the gallery selected, add your images in the ‘Style’ panel on the left of the screen. Just click on the edit button to see the add image dialogue.

OMG! It’s THAT easy? Thank you!!!

now…how do I get the back button to work…the forward one goes fine…but the back doesn’t respond.

I’m seriously loving this program!!!

Just a hint on the side, the documentation on the Sparke website is pretty helpful.

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Try checking in preview mode, you should see a hand pointer when you move over the buttons. If you you see it on one button, but not the other, it would suggest something is covering the button - maybe part of a nearby text box. Remember, text boxes normally have a clear background so you will still see the buttons, but you won’t be able to click on them. Click around the area of the buttons on the design canvas to see if any objects gets selected. If it does, that is most likely the culprit. Readjust its size or position so it doesn’t overlap the gallery buttons.

…And you should seriously love this app - it works like a designer thinks. The more you explore the app, the more you will like it.