Smart Field / Page Title

Hello everyone,

New to Sparkle, I see in the documentation that a “smart field/page title” field is available, but I can’t find it in the list of available smart fields.
Is there a specific command to add this field?

Thank you all

Hi @sweetmemories, welcome.

There are a couple ways to insert a smart field, looks like one of them doesn’t fit on screen, or not on my MacBook Air. Perhaps you’re seeing the same.

So while editing a text box, there’s the “Insert Smart Field” button, it opens a popup. The “Page Title” would be at the top of that, but the popup gets clipped if it doesn’t fit on screen. We’ll fix this.

The other way is to add the smart field from the menus: Insert → Smart Field → You’ll find Page Title at the top there.

Hello @duncan
thank you it works perfectly but indeed there is a bug with the other way of inserting.
Have a good day