Smart field programmer

Hi all do we have any Smart Field Programmers out there - Im stuck

Probably an idea to let us know what the problem is :smile:

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Hi Mike - yea im having problems using the smart fields as it doesnt debug and im not sure what is wrong - its a complicated calculation and im guessing that smart fields uses java I have written code that makes sense to me but not sure my syntax is correct and the integration of the actual smart filed within my code - I only know Swift but bumble along with java

I have an input that I need to calculate a result as follows:
the input is a linear measurement that I need calculate how many items of different lengths I need and how many to make up that input value.
So say I enter 56m and the items I am using are measured at 6.5m, 4.0m, 3.0m
How many of the longest I need and how many then make up the difference with the other items and how many.


This type of calculation is far too complex to be done using a smart field. There are certainly several solutions, since you have to calculate with three variables. The question is surely the minimum number to reach the final value. So there is also a minimization.

I suspect that even with EXCEL it takes a lot of effort to solve this.

Mr. F.

Hi Mr F - can I ask why you refer to excel ? I am talking about JavaScript - Iā€™m looking for a smartfield programmer - I have 90% working - wondered if anyone on here had some experience to swap programming skills

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There is no such smart field programmer.
I suggest contact the friendly Sparkle support team per email, they can surely help you with that or have a workaround.