Smart Field questions

OK, I’m diving into smart fields on a more complex scale.

Wondering if “if…then” statements can be used in what I’m trying.

My client has various pricing and feature levels. Each level (One through Five)

  1. Slider has values 1 through 5. Can they show as text (i.e. Level 1 would be Level One, etc)
  2. As each level is selected, the $ amount would change, as well as the values of the features would also change.

I understand it might not be possible, and I do know javascript is being utilized in some fashion with Smart Fields), but any ideas, let me know.


That’s definitely possible, and yes you would need add several calculators there, each might contain something like:

if(<slider> == 1) {
  return "one";
if(<slider> == 2) {
  return "two";
if(<slider> == 3) {
  return "three";
if(<slider> == 4) {
  return "four";
if(<slider> == 5) {
  return "five";
return "";

You can then change the returned value to show what you need in each case. The <slider> is the variable you add.

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Thank you so much. Been so long since I did any level of coding…I’ll try it.

…Just tried it, works perfectly, thank you soooooo much!!!