Snap to Grid or Alignment

To be able to snap alignment of text boxes or images so everything aligns easily

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Also to preset snap or set spacing distance between blocks would be amazing !

For example distance default between title blocks and paragraph blocks or distances between image blocks and next content block.

Snapping to preset grid ? Width of content box as well as alignment

Snapping one element to another is already possible, as well as snapping to a grid. Text has its own settings, not based on snapping.

I would love to know how to use this where do i find.
Is this in one of the videos on youtube and which one.

You might have accidentally hidden canvas overlays. Pressing tab toggles them on and off, or view -> show overlays.

With overlays on, moving elements causes snap lines to show up for elements and the grid.

Yes been using this grid and green alignment lines but snapping to set distances that you can predefine would be awesome,

I know being out by a fraction of a hair is nothing but visually it just bothers me when lining up text box with another text box following green lines and it is not really aligned.

Unless that is already there and i missed it again.