[SOLVED] Animated Hamburger Icon

how can I make the Hamburger Icon animated when it clicked on it.
I want to open a popup, very similar on the sparkle-app website, when it’s in mobile mode.
I thought I can change an icon/image when I hover over it but couldn’t find the function to do.
Need to say I have still my test version of sparkle pro, still undecided if I want pay outright or go on a subscription.


Hey @MiWe, your back! :slight_smile:

Have you thought of just using a Button and have the hamburger icon as the background? This will allow you to change the hover state…

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To make the rotation animation we did on the sparkle website just use the rotate animation on the close button on the pop-up, it gives the illusion of it rotating and changing to an X. Use that if you want an animation, if not as @FlaminFig says just use the background button function.

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Can you please push me in the right direction?
I couldn’t find in the hover function to change an image, only color is possible.
Maybe it is because I have the Pro trial version?

Yes I am kind of back, need to do a HTML based website. There is only one website development out there that is comparable what Sparkle can do, but the overall experience is clunky and sometimes confusing.
So started to explore the new features and in just few hours I have something drafted up in Sparkle what I had in my mind.
If you or someone else like, send me a message I can go a bit in detail with my experiences.

@MiWe, please find the screenshot below showing how you can give a Button a background image, allowing for a hover state…

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Oh that looks completely different, must be only in the paid version.
Will get the paid version anyhow, just cannot decide what is better, subscription based or fully paid and pay for the discounted updates later.

I believe in Duncan’s & Daniele’s Sparkle so I have taken up the subscription! :slight_smile:

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Yeah seems like Sparkle is grown up and has some very expressive features.
Cannot get warm with the AI hype though, but i don’t need to use it if i don’t like.
More valuable would be some AI assistance to great content.

You can used AI to create new projects, it’s available in the new version and it’s quite impressive.
I used it 3 times so far and it saved me lots of time to start the projects and heaven given me new designs ideas to follow.

It is working now, thank you so much for your help.

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