SOLVED: Mobile device auto scaling


We ‍added ‍mobile ‍auto-scaling, ‍so ‍the ‍page ‍you ‍lay ‍out ‍on ‍the ‍mobile ‍device ‍(320 ‍pixels ‍wide) ‍will ‍be ‍identical ‍on ‍popular ‍smartphone ‍sizes, ‍such ‍as ‍428/414/375 ‍pixel ‍wide ‍phones.

Is there a special setting needed to see that? I have set 320 “Custom Layout”. Does it have to be “Automatic scaled” with unwanted side effects (font size f.e.) ?

Found it: It is in the settings “Miscellaneous”

Mr. F.

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Thank you for posting the solution, is appreciated.

@Mr_Fozzie and @MiWe, You can find the setting in Setting / Miscellaneous / Mobile Auto-Scaling

Ah yes we don’t automatically activate it on old projects because it has some text scaling side effects on mobile Safari, specifically mobile Safari doesn’t support fractional text size (say 14.5px), so all text sizes are slightly rounded down, resulting in different word wrapping and making longer text spans shorten. Chrome and Firefox work perfectly, and we’re hoping Safari will fix the bug (eventually). It’s been in their bug database for years…