“Solved” tag in title?

Has there been consideration to include a “solved” tag, and possibly other tags, to the titles of posts/questions in the Community forum? Perhaps could include along side the count columns.

It seems “solved” and similar tags would cue searchers to solutions rather than discussions about the issues. Also, tags would emphasize the hard work of the Sparkle team. A couple other tags might help as well, i.e.,
in process,
new feature,
insightful suggestion,
revised instructions,

But maybe such tags are conveyed via existing info that I’m not seeing. Any comments?

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There is a option or PlugIn for Discourse (the software behind this forum) to mark topics as solved.
I know it from a German forum about apple.

But there is only the option to mark it as solved, then you have :white_check_mark: before the title.

Something like you mention could be helpful.

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