Sparkle 2.8.12 release

Sorry for the delay on this, busy times!

Sparkle 2.8.12 is out, it’s probably the final update in the 2.8 series (unless some browser vendor decides to give us work!).

We only got around to officially mentioning the major issue that’s fixed in 2.8.12, there are actually a bunch of smaller fixes that we should have documented better. Here’s the full list:

  • fixed text wrapping, broken by Chrome 81+
  • fixed hamburger menu not scaling after being mirrored
  • fixed audio player mutual exclusion
  • fixed scaling of imported pages
  • fixed import page not loading the page in some cases
  • fixed button label capitalization causing wrap and decentering text in buttons
  • fixed for FTP publishing setup issue and crashes
  • fixed mirrored forms in some layouts
  • fixed privacy page visibility in menus
  • fixed “show related” for youtube video
  • fixed background video inspector
  • fixed a few layout issues
  • fixed spacing after the bottom of the page
  • fixed text wrapping not always updated when deleting elements, and other consistency issues
  • improved instagram setup issues
  • fixed footer related issues

There appears to be a problem with appstore updates for some customers. This is not a Sparkle problem, the appstore seems to be having a glitch. We’re working with Apple to solve it.