Sparkle 3.0.6 release (please update Sparkle)

Sorry for not being more wordy in our release notes, on one hand we were in a bit of a crunch and tried to deliver fixes as soon as we had them, on the other our translators slow us down a bit (and are actually on holiday now anyway).

Sparkle 3.0.6 is a massive stability improvement, and produces more efficient code, we very strongly suggest you update Sparkle to 3.0.6 as soon as possible.

Here’s a more detailed list of fixes in 3.0.5 and 3.0.6:

  • fixed thumbnail text wrap, when switching to blog post summary view
  • fixed bugs related to blog post duplication
  • fixed excess memory use while editing
  • worked around Big Sur bug, occasionally causing a crash when closing a window
  • fixed text wrapping in blog index
  • fixed post order in blog index
  • fixed blog post text deletion in some rare cases
  • fixed moving element out of group from layers panel, when the last element caused the group to be deleted
  • fixed undo/redo related to ungrouping
  • fixed export of sites with video files with the same name
  • improved blog index page generation
  • improved load performance for pages with popups
  • fixed multi-device content scaling in some cases
  • fixed image loading for Safari bug
  • fixed random crashes while editing the project (switching pages, etc)
  • fixed forms vs. popups
  • fixed gallery causing layout shift
  • fixed toolbar overflow menu to be linked correctly
  • fixed crash with ecwid pay buttons
  • fixed page filename automatic php extension in some cases
  • fixed many crashes