Sparkle 4.0.5 is out

Hey there, another round of fixes in Sparkle 4.0.5, the release notes:

  • fixed password protection settings and functionality
  • fixed layout issues related to text and icon fonts
  • fixed blog tags inspector not visible in blog index page
  • fixed gradient color picker
  • fixed background video on mobile devices
  • fixed link to page top in popups
  • fixed layout accuracy issues
  • fixed parallax with device autoscaling
  • fixed crashes related to publishing setup and completion

Thanks Duncan, great job

:+1: @duncan

Any news about "message error in login module" ?

Not what you should expect, we try to stick to:

  • major releases for big features and expansion of scope (like 3.0 or 4.0)
  • minor releases for additions to existing features (like 2.7 or 4.1)
  • dot releases for bug fixes and minor improvements (like 4.0.5)

Got it :ok_hand:
Again thanks for your great work!

Great improvements Duncan.
I am using LIGHTHOUSE to prove to my customers that SPARKLE is a lot better than Wordpress and to ensure that everything is perfect (all the results in green) in my web sites.
Look at the screenshots results obtained before and after I republish my site with 4.0.5


I’ll weigh in here as well.
All my bug reports that I sent to Duncan have been fixed - thanks for that.

And a positive side effect is that the upload is now faster.

Mr. F.

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