Sparkle 4.1.1 release

Yesterday we released Sparkle 4.1.1, list of fixes below.

As usual this contains all the latest fixes and improvements, and we recommend everybody upgrade to this version.

Work towards the next updates has been in progress for some time now, and everybody’s feedback helps in understanding what can be improved, and how we can make those improvements. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to suggest how we should fix things, even just mentioning what doesn’t work for you helps. (This doesn’t mean we are able to act immediately on everything, but feedback definitely does shape our trajectory)

  • fixed checkbox “Show to all users” to be only enabled when password protection is configured
  • fixed Safari sometimes showing scrollbars in popups
  • fixed asking master password when incorrect one is saved in keychain
  • fixed crash when entering very long text in the web address field
  • fixed deselection of password protection in page settings
  • fixed element visibility when copying from section to a page not in a section
  • fixed erroneous menu behavior in edge cases
  • fixed filename becoming php in some edge cases
  • fixed changing the position of groups inside layout blocks
  • fixed issues with editing of text lists
  • fixed layout edge case with mobile safari and auto-scaling
  • fixed visibility with the dark color theme with animations
  • fixed modal popup on iOS in some configurations
  • fixed pagination buttons with SVGs
  • fixed password protected downloadable files for some web host PHP configuration
  • fixed password protected downloadable files used by different user groups
  • fixed password protection per-user element visibility preventing interaction with visible overlapping elements
  • fixed the undo of element rotation in the canvas
  • fixed text shadow settings not showing up for buttons
  • fixed undefined behavior on links with both click and mouse hover actions on Android devices
  • fixed zoom scaling in some specific circumstances
  • raised embeddable SVG limit to 100kb