Sparkle 4.1 is out!


Great update. Thanks Duncan :smiley:


Whooow! Nice!! Great update :slight_smile:

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You and your team are awesome


I am glad, you could make an important update! Nice that you are always working to further improve the program. -
Would it be posible to get a tutorial video about the new features?

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Hi @arteventura, I wouldn’t know that the new features would fill a video. Anything specific you are looking to learn more about?

Hi Duncan, thanks for your reply - Yes, I am especially interested in the Layout-Blocs. I love them, but had some issues.
Y did not notice a difference in their functionality - therefore I would like to know the details about the new features.


Please describe in more detail what problems you have with the layout blocks. Many things have been improved in the meantime.

Mr. F.

What the blog post mentions is the result of the process and improvement over many versions, not just the 4.1 changes. There is no actual feature difference, but the sum of improvements led us to suggest everybody give them another try, for the exact reason you mention, you tried them but had some issues.

The description of layout blocks at their introduction in Sparkle 4 stands:

Got problems to change lists of V4.07 File opened in V4.1
Strange behavior occurs

It’s best if you send us the project file at and a description of how to see the problems.

Thanks a lot Duncan. Great update!

Q: will this version be immediately compatible with the new macOS Ventura?

I am a beta tester for Apple but don’t want to install Ventura if Sparkle isn’t ready for it yet.


We don’t aim for moving targets. Historically macOS updates are not stable even when they’re at their initial general release, let alone beta versions. While we are internally testing, we will ship an update that’s we support only when Ventura ships.