Sparkle 4 release delay

Hey all, we are sorry to give this news, after all it’s us who announced the release in December and created a lot of expectation.

Due to a couple critical bugs that we found last week we have decided to delay the release to early January. The bugs aren’t that big, but they do indicate we need to spend a little more time testing and polishing the release.

Hope we’re not ruining anybody’s holiday with this.


Not at all. Sparkle has been fantastic as it is. It’s hard to see what improvements you need to make! However, I am looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve.


It is good to see that Sparkle takes the quality serious.
Happy holidays and a Happy Prosperous New Year!


¡Para nada lamentarse!!!
Disfruten de las vacaciones, y esos errores críticos, ¡dejemoslos para el 2022!!

Fuera los teclados, apagar el cerebro, aparcar el ratón y levantemos la copa de vino, de agua o de champán, brindemos todos por Sparkle, por sus ingenieros, por @duncan, por su buen hacer, su buen carácter y sabiduría demostrado en este foro.

Es momento de descanso, de disfrutar de las cosas pequeñas, y volver en 2022 con fuerzas renovadas y el cerebro lleno de ideas.

:santa:¡FELICES FIESTAS! :santa:t6:

Hi! Very nice website you have, but the fonts are too small to read on my iPhone.
Merry Christmas!
Cape Cod MA

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Gracias!! Merry Christmas!
Cierto, el iPhone no es el dispositivo más adecuado para leer mi web. Tendré que mejorar eso en 2022! :wink:

Thanks Duncan, I have recently purchased your Sparkle 3 and enjoying working on it. Waiting for 4…!

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Always appreciated Sparkle ànd your support. Like the quality of Sparkle 3, will welcome an even better Sparkle 4! So enjoy your holidays, Duncan. Look forward to see the new Sparkle in the New Year!

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What a perfect gift for the new year. A new SPARKLE release!:gift:

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Absolutely not a problem, I look alsways forward to new updates! Thanks anyhow for your support!

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Better safe than sorry!!!

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Dear Duncan, this shows that Sparkle is becoming more and more efficient every day. Please take the time to verify everything. As for me, I will never cease to thank you for the continuous assistance and patience you have always shown. Waiting longer is the least we can do.


A developer that actually communicates with their user base? How is this possible? I love the app as it is, so no disappointment here!


I rather have a good product later than a faulty one now.
Take your time and do it right.

Thanks for the open communication.

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It doesn’t matter to me. We all still have a very competent App and better to fix things and release a good product instead of releasing stuff that is filled with crap.

Thx for the great job you do!!

Thanks for the update!

Not a problem. Take your time and enjoy the festive days. - All the best for a good and better year

It would be a problem to release version 4 with bugs. I think we all prefer to wait a little longer. A little bit. :wink:

Hey Duncan,

Good to know Sparkle choses Quality over release dates!
Love Sparkle and look forward to the new release whenever it’s ready.

Enjoy the Hollidays!


You already know I’m a fan of your creation.
I don’t think anyone would be “tapping feet” for this release. We’d all rather you kill the bugs than become beta-testers. (Gosh, what companies in the world would DO such a thing?? Hmm… Adobe, maybe?! hahah)

You just keep doing what you do, we’ll be here when you’re ready.

Happy New Year - Bravo to your efforts!!