Sparkle 5.5 release

We’re super excited to share fantastic news about what’s been developing in the labs. Here’s the news:

  • The gallery lightbox now supports sliding through images in fullscreen, just like in grid galleries. It’s all about providing a seamless viewing experience for your site visitors, and a very popular feature request.
  • Ever wanted to pull images from PDFs effortlessly? Now you can, with the new feature that lets you extract images directly to a gallery or an image grid. Instantly turn a product catalog or book PDF into a gallery for quick preview and web use. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual conversions!
  • Add a touch of elegance to your videos with our new rounded corners option. Plus, we’ve made organizing your videos a breeze by enabling drag-and-drop functionality directly into the grid inspector.
  • Fixes and stability: from Instagram setup to FTP quirks, web hosting hiccups and mobile browser issues with video playback, 5.5 is also a big collection improvements.

As usual to start the update process you can start Sparkle up and it will offer to update.

We’re super proud of Sparkle 5.5 and can’t wait for you to try it out. Your feedback is our compass, so dive in, explore, and let us know what you think!

On a more general note we love your support and what it’s enabling us to do with Sparkle, our favorite app is still growing and more announcements are coming soon.

Together, we’re making the web a more beautiful, accessible, and fun place, one Sparkle site at a time.

Happy Sparkling! :sparkles:

Your Friends at Sparkle


Hi Duncan, I already downloaded the release yesterday. I really love the new features of the gallery. The only (small) wish I have would be the opportunity to make adjustments for the “normal” arrows of the gallery, like size, color and so on. :wink:


Thanks for the feedback, we are aware and are migrating parts of the gallery over time to a more modern underlying code base. We’ll get around to replacing the core gallery feature as well.


Hello and thanks for the updates, I really couldn’t figure out whats new, in fact once I click on the Button SEO I get back to my licenses. Is this normal?

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[quote=“geneprofi, post:4, topic:7717”]
Is this normal?[/quote]

Hi. When do not have a PRO license, i’d say YES.

Mr. F.

Best if you email us so we can figure it out.

I am very happy with Sparkle!
As I have written before, I miss some things that are fundamental to me, however, I find it amazing and functional! And the support is one of the best in the world!
I will always thank you, Duncan, and your team for the work you have done and are doing in empowering non-programmers to create their own websites in the best way possible.
I look forward to what Sparkle version 6 has in store for us!
Thanks again for everything!

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Hi Duncan,

So happy you thought of making things smoother also for large projects! (Our site is around 1K pages and will go up to 2K by the end of the year) Love Sparkle!!!

The man from Belgium

I second that, also it should be nice when on ‘dia’ and the “pauze is zero” I would not pauze at all, creating a ‘continuous loop’.

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