Sparkle 5 is out!

After a long wait…


This new website is BEAUTIFUL ! :star_struck:

Excellent work, congratulations !

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Well done guys. That was an almighty push. When can we download from the App Store?

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Works almost perfect. Have some more to purchase for SEO? I’ll contact support.

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Congratulations with the Sparkle 5 release. Well done guys :slight_smile:

and the site looks amazing also… epicly done guys!

Hello again :-),

i just now found time for Sparkle 5 and downloaded it. There are many bugs reported here. Are there fundamental problems with the V5? Question: Is it better to delete Sparkle 4 first or can I install V5 over V4?

Many greetings

Any new software has bugs despite the testing, but I think the issues here were mostly about the licensing issues earlier today.

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I just dared, installed Sparkle 5 and upgraded the license. Everything worked perfectly. The “new” license was activated directly after purchase. The developer tools are also still active. My web project can be started and edited without any problems. Everything perfect.

Many thanks and greetings from Germany


Sure. There is always some sand in the gears at the beginning of a new software.

Is it advisable to backup the existing version of Sparkle, say 4.5.x, on the Mac, as well as the projects created with that version?

Or is everything backwards compatible as well? So a project touched with V5 can be reworked again with version 4 in case of problems?

Mr. F.

Well Sparkle 5 forces you to save to a new file for now. We’ll do that until we’re confident there’s nothing significant. We have tested yeah there can be some rough edges.

I’m having lots of fun with Sparkle 5! :slight_smile:
Well done Duncan & Daniele for all your hard work and vision! :slight_smile: :clap: :clap: :muscle:

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Hello team,
being owner of the 4.5 license, isn’t there a preferential rate for an upgrade to v5?

Of course. From the your license window you can get the upgrade discount (or free upgrade if you purchased after nov 1st 2022).

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Whoops ! thank you, I had not gone down low enough in the window.