Sparkle and a CMS?

My daughter is looking for a way to offer dozens of geographically scattered family members with tons (nearing 1000) of pictures. Considering the extent of the family, being able to provide content categories by family section or other attribute (e.g specific date, name, location), and a simple search are example must have’s.

After being disappointed with existing online tools, I am wondering if Sparkle + a CMS would do the job.

I’m not looking to re-create Ancestry as it and other related tools are too family tree focused. That is a small part of content library currently in scope. The focus are the pictures and the stories attached to them.

Is Sparkle + a CMS the right direction? If so, any CMS recommendation? (No host has been decided yet.). If not, any direction to point me to would be appreciated.

@DaverD, Sparkle is the CMS… Just on your desktop instead of in the cloud.

I’m thinking maybe Notion ( could help you out. It works like a visual database allowing for categories relative to one another, and your can embed it into Sparkle.

Just a thought! :slight_smile:

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