Sparkle and Joomla

Another question during my evaluation of Sparkle.

I am admin for a CMS website developed in Joomla. I am not a coder, and the site was developed for us by a designer who seems to have gone out of business. Although I am perfectly at home creating new articles for the site, I have found it impossible to get into the backend code to see if it is possible, for instance, to change current sort order for categories from date created to alphabetical.

So my question is, could Sparkle be used for this purpose?



Sparkle & Joomla are lightyears apart…

You can say Sparkle is a CMS on your Mac, while Joomla is a CMS in the cloud.
Sparkle doesn’t use a database like Joomla so what you have set up in your Joomla shop is not replicatgible with Sparkle, BUT…

  • You can import your site into Sparkle
  • Check if the Joomla shop can be integrate into another standalone website but I’m sure it can’t
  • Look into the ecommerce stores you can use with ease with Sparkle; Ecwid, Snipcart, Gumroad, etc…

Using something like an Ecwid Store integrates with Sparkle seamlessly -

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Sparkle is CMS you can control (local)
Joomla is a CMS you cannot control (cloud)

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Thank you both. That is what I suspected. While the site was being developed, I spent a lot of time with the designer sorting out glitches on Skype sessions using screen sharing. I could see where he was accessing the code, but he never imparted how he was doing that using what software; furthermore he was Windows based, so, as a long term Mac-user, I couldn’t identify it from what I could see.

I shall have to pursue the problem another way, though will continue to think about purchasing Sparkle for creating a personal website.

@FlaminFig, I appreciate your suggestions re e-commerce stores, but the site in question is a non-profit, magazine-style site, so I don’t need to go down any of those routes.

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Sparkle is more than capable to create websites for non profit organizations. Sparkle comes also with a blog function so you can create a magazine-style design. If that blog function is not sufficient, Sparkle also integrates third party blog systems nicely.

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Thank you for the reply.

Clearly, Sparkle could well replicate the site, but that is not what I need to do at the moment, and I haven’t got time to do so, as it would mean starting from scratch. But if at some point we want to redesign it, then Sparkle looks like a good option.