Sparkle App Not Responding On IMac

I have version 5.2.5 on a 27” 2017 iMac using Ventura 13.6.3.

When I want to add a new page to my website, I will create a regular page with my title and it will create my filename. Then I go to save the page before doing any other work on the page and I will get the spinning ball. I go to force quit and the Sparkle app says it is not responding.

I have deleted and reinstalled the app three times, and started my iMac in safe mode and I still get this response.

I tested the Sparkle app on my 2020 Macbook Air to make a test page and it saved it without any issues. My Macbook Air is using Sonoma, but my iMac is too old to upgrade to Sonoma, so I don’t know if that is the problem.

I hope someone can help me with this problem.



Hi Daisymay,

In Sonoma, you may have keep changes to document turned off. You can try turning it on to see if it makes a difference. This will give you the ‘Save As’ option in all applications. Go to your Mac Settings, then go to ‘Desktop and Dock’ and then in the ‘Windows’ section, turn on ‘Ask to keep changes when closing documents’. Don’t know if this will help, but it’s worth a go. Good luck and happy new year!

Hi Scoutdesign,

I checked on Sonoma and I had “Save As,” turned off, but when I created the page and selected from the menu “Save,” it saved the page I was working on and I did not have any problems with Sparkle (not responding).

On my iMac I had the “Save As,” turned On, and with Sparkle when I select to save the page I get the spinning ball and when I open up to Force Quit the window shows Sparkle (not responding). I also changed the setting to Off and still have the problem.

Since I do all of my work on my iMac it has to be something with the app and Ventura. I may have to reinstall Ventura and do more troubleshooting.

Thanks for your reply, and have a great New Year!


Hi @daisymay, please get in touch over email and we’ll look into it with you: