Sparkle Blog Index Numbering

Hi everyone,
right now I am working on a Sparkle Blog and everything works fine except the list at the end of the index page. On my desktop version it counts them all correctly…

… but on my mobile Preview it only display the arrows, like this.

Is this known to you? Have I overseen anything? Help is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards


Don’t know if i can help, but try this:

On the Desktop Computer in Safari in the preview of the project hit [Control]+[Command]+[R] to go to the Responsive Design and check the devices.
Publish the site and check the live version.

Any changes? My test Blog behaves correctly (sparkle v 4.0.4)

Mr. F.

Thanks Mr. Fozzie, this is a great way in Safari to check all responsive functions of my site but unfortunately it does not solve the problem.

But I just found out myself. The different page buttons were placed on top of each other, so I had to select them individually in the desktop version, switch over to mobile and move them.

Anyway, problem solved. Thanks for your help!

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Hello Alexander.

That’s funny. How do you do that?
But the main thing is that you have learned something and solved the problem more or less by yourself.

Mr. F.