Sparkle for Windows

Does Sparkle work on Microsoft Windows computers?
A friend with a PC is impressed by my Mac Copy.

Not available for windows at present. I suppose if your friend got a Hackintosh (Mac Os running in a windows environment) it may work, but not sure for certain.

Sorry not happening anytime soon.

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Same here, told my friend to buy a Mac so he can kill two birds with one stone. Unfortunately these pc people are very stubborn :upside_down_face:


You’re right, but I must admit that buying a mac today means spending a lot of money. With a good computer with Windows on it, you spend a lot less and often have higher speed and performance. I love Apple, but I’m very disappointed with Apple policy because it really makes you feel like a cheapskate. Anyway, I hope Sparkle will also go to Windows to give all creative people the chance to use this wonderful program!

Windows runs fine on a Mac with Boot Camp (or Parallels).

So best of both worlds… :wink:

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