Sparkle frontend development to hybrid app or (native app development)

Hi guys! , Can you tell me how someone should proceed in creating a hybrid app (or native app if possible) right after someone publishes sparkle visual design to the hosted site. How one should proceed after which is after publishing and what are methods that are convenient and easy with no to minimal coding required for someone who is just a beginner backend developer. Are there any tools or platforms in the market that helps us converting sparkle visual design website to hybrid app or native app (if possible) directly or atleast with less effort required. I would be happy to hear more than one option if you have bunch of ideas on this.

@goneraone619, Mmmm… Sparkle isn’t really geared in that direction.
I mean at beast you could create a webapp with the 320px breakpoint, but beyond that I have not ventured…

@greenskin Thanks btw one more question how one should proceed, can you provide any resources where someone can refer and able to create app of its own indirectly through third party after publishing html.

@goneraone619, There are a lot of platforms that convert a normal website to a webapp so maybe something like this -