Sparkle in 2023

2023 is going to be an amazing year for Sparkle. We can’t wait to show you everything we have been working on with Sparkle 5. But it’s not the time for that yet. There’s an area we think is going to be great for the incredible community that has grown around Sparkle.

We think we can create a win-win-win situation for all of us, here’s the plan:

  • we would like to begin referring those of you who do client work to other Sparkle users who ask; we will be adding a section to our website to look up “Sparkle professionals”, to that end you’ll tell us your timezone, languages spoken and portfolio of Sparkle websites you can share;
  • we’d like to feature suggestions, tips, experience migrating from other website builders or other Sparkle-related content you would like to share, as a guest post on our blog;
  • while some of you might not feel like you have meaningful information to share, others probably will, and we think it’s going to be a great platform to promote your website building skills, showing something you have built with Sparkle, maybe down to specific aspects of the page or effects you built.

We hope this will trigger a virtuous circle: more awareness about Sparkle, more tips and tricks shared, more happy Sparkle users, and more customers for everybody.

If you’d like to contribute, feel free to reply here or get in touch via email:


Yahooooo!.. @duncan what a fantastic stupendous idea!!! :slight_smile: :dizzy:
I would love to see a more concrete Sparkle tribe in the near future (but I also love the one we have been breathing life into!), and yes I would love to further contribute!!!

You beauty! :slight_smile:

yea, i’m super in to colaborate too!

:vulcan_salute: You know, I am always here!

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I don’t have that much experience with Sparkle, but collaboration and sharing is always good for everyone, and this is great news.

I think this is not a bad idea. Instead of wishing for unattained features, if there is a place to share experiences, concrete and visual examples like a brain, a huge library for newbies. It’s good to know that you can do things you didn’t know before with this app.

I would like to participate. Can you include a do-follow link back to our main site in a byline on the blog, so we can grab some of that sweet sweet link juice from our contributions?

Absolutely, from the blog post and from a future “Sparkle Professionals” page, the purpose is win-win-win.

Great idea. I’m in if desired.

Have a healthy and great x-mas time everybody.

I’d like to contribute, and if I can get a ‘win’ in the form of some paying work, that’s a plus!

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That’s the idea @antonygravett, let’s do it!


Si, @duncan!! por experiencia, es una grandiosa idea. Me explico e intento resumir.

Desde 2015, estoy en un DreamTeam en Lo mismo que planteas, pero para maquetación de libros con salida a papel. He tenido trabajo, casi continuo desde entonces, he adquirido no solo clientes, he hecho amigos y conocido gente muy interesante con los que sigo manteniendo contacto por todo el mundo.

Es una pena que el diseño web, no sea mi mejor perfil, aun así, casi me atrevo a apuntarme, porque de repente en Blurb, ha decidido eliminar ese servicio, lo que a mi me parece una perdida de valor, ya que a estas alturas soy una experta en su plataforma y sus productos, y a mayores me quedo sin trabajo, voy a tener que cambiar mi perfil…

Si, adelante con la idea, es un valor añadido a Sparkle, un DreamTeam de expertos en la aplicación que puedan conseguir clientes, es valor para ambas partes, y agrandar la familia Sparkle.

A todos, buenas fiestas :champagne:, feliz 2023 :confetti_ball: en paz y tranquilidad. Vamos a darle ritmo brillante al próximo año! :dancer:

Duncan, I’m in… this is great news.

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This might reduce the overload of “pro” commentary in the community support area, BUT at the cost of not hearing about clues and innovations.
I’m just happy now as a private user.
Joe O’Laughlin

Yeah, let’s try this :wink:

What a great Christmas gift Duncan.

Since I use SPARKLE for my website creation business, I wondered why customers used WORDPRESS in Canada instead of SPARKLE which is, however, of superior quality.

I think one of the reasons is that many marketing agencies use WP and it’s easy for clients to switch from one agency to another if they’re unhappy or their agency closes.

This new function of SPARKLE will allow me perhaps finally to correct one of my apprehensions which is: to whom I could well refer my customers if I have to close my agency. The issue of succession within a one-man agency is a legitimate fear among some clients.

If I can locate even one other agency, ideally in Quebec that uses SPARKLE, I will be able to increase my clientele without fear of leaving them without resources, should the need arise.
I suggest that the list of SPARKLE agencies be available by the country and possibly by province.

Thank you!


That’s a great point.

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What a brilliant idea, Duncan!
I’m in!
@Frenchie Yes, what is holding my clients back from using sparkle in Paris/France today is the risk of finding themselves helpless if our collaboration ends.
For now on, if I can tell them that there are thousand.s Sparkle Pro users for the future, it’s super reassuring.
More business, more creation!

Phantastic news and great idea Duncan. I’m in too. So let’s start a great year… Eugene