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Now with the latest chips (A12Z, A14, M1) available on the iPads and the 6/8gb of ram available on the iPad Pros I think it would be amazing to have the Sparkle App on iPadOS. It’s one of the last applications that need to be on iPad for me to make the change. It would change the way I work by a lot. Please consider :wink:


For now @dpamping we have options but it would be a dream come true! :slight_smile:

These are the other ways…

  • Share folder in iCloud where the client edits the Sparkle file and I update my original Sparkle file
  • Remote connect to client’s macOS and we both work through the edits and again I update my original Sparkle file

It would also bring a number more onboard that prefer a PC but love using an iPad.

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I also would like to have Sparkle on my iPad Pro with M1.
One day all programs will run on Mac and iPad.

What do you mean, I’m not understanding.

What do you mean by “I’m not understanding”?

What is the point of this?

The point is I was highlighting alternatives for now in how Sparkle can work outside the user’s localhost. As I also mentioned I would also love to see the suggestion you made…

But while we are on the topic I do wonder though how we would be able to work with the 1200 device on an iPad with all Sparkles chrome on either side?..

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You made a point Hendrik, would be only possible with a iPad 12” then.
A “standard” iPad would not usable for design for desktop size 1200px.

Hope Duncan and his team sees this and takes action :slight_smile:

But if you reduce the zoom interface I don’t see the problem

Still not changed in 2021 is the viability of iPad software, the software market is still very uncertain from a business point of view, and technical limitations would potentially make things painful.

While the idea of Sparkle running on iPad is nice, would you still want it with the following limitations:

  • subscription only
  • only bundled with first party hosting
  • mostly reliant on cloud services for ordinary use

You might not be aware but an iOS/iPadOS app only gets seconds of background use before it gets killed. Since the system doesn’t natively support FTP or SFTP, this means you wouldn’t be able to publish to an ordinary web host.

Since the system doesn’t allow the use of more than say a gigabyte of RAM, we would need to offload page generation and image processing to a cloud service, which implies a subscription.

There are many more arguments like these, but just one last one. There’s the matter of interaction density, or how close on the screen you can click/tap. Desktop pointing devices are made for this. Fat fingers aren’t.


@duncan, My take would be no to the three points you made. I fee that would totally defeat the unique approach Sparkle has taken on the desktop.

I prefer to be in control of my own intellectual property and by the sounds of what you are saying so much more can go wrong with an iPad approach. I think I’ll stick with the desktop approach! :slight_smile:

iPas Apps nowadays have a limitation up to 5gb of ram, not 1. The pointing could be possible addressed with the Magic Keyboard. I see some apps that support FTP:
Still I understand the limitations, but I think everything has a workaround. The business part of the story is something that I can’t talk about :wink:

If we build an iPad version of Sparkle, it’s not just for the $1.5k iPad Pro with keyboard.

We have working FTP code, it just won’t work in the background on iOS which makes it kind of pointless.

Seriously though, for the cost of that you can get an M1 MacBook Air, which runs Sparkle and also iOS apps! Bonus: it doesn’t flip over when using it on your legs!


@duncan as much I think about it as more disadvantages I can see with Sparkle on an iPad.
You are exactly right, the new MacBook air is far cheaper than the Ipad Pro until you have bought the fancy trackpad keyboard for half of a price of a MacMini M1.
I have Sparkle running on the new MacMini M1 with dual-screen, okay with my iPad three screens actually.
Instead of an Ipad version, I would prefer some other improvements in the Sparkle version.


We’re a small company so our efforts need to be focused. I do think we have a lot to add to Sparkle. What’s your top 5 or 10 list?


Here’s a bunch of feature/functions I’d like to see:

  • Site Search result separators
    Have individual results reported to the Site Search element delineated with a (choice of) separator(s).

  • Blog tags
    Be able to have tags on blog posts with index pages generated by tag.

  • Function change request for “In a folder”
    When applying Page attributes and I want to put the page in a folder, rather than entering the name in a free text input field, I’d rather have a drop down consisting of already existing folders and a choice to add a new folder. Currently, there is a risk of putting in an incorrectly spelled folder name to a folder that already exists.

  • Sort options for index pages
    The current sort order is by date posted. I’d like to be able to sort by any reasonable element or layer and by a multilevel sort. Example: I use a text box as a tag. Imagine if I name the text box element as “tag”. It would be of value to sort by “tag” then date.

  • Internal page link UI mimicking left nav pane
    I’d like the ability to find an internal page to link by having the drop down show me pages via an expandable/collapsable section view. Rather than showing me a list of all pages, present the current drop down similar to the left hand Page navigation where I can expand/collapse sections to expose and minimize the pages within a section where there sections. With a site with a large number of pages (as with a mature blog site), finding an internal page to link becomes much faster.

  • Ability to see a log of search entries entered in the Site Search field.

Why we don’t start a new thread and list our top5 or top10?

I have created a new post here:

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well that sucks… I can see why it’s not happening for a while… if its not broke… don’t fix it (or ruin it!!!)